Monday, June 30, 2008

How Did WWHM Come About?

In or around January of 2008, a lot of my friends decided to start posting personal ads on the internet. My friends are great guys, but we're all busy people, and sometimes you need a little help to meet someone who shares common interests.

Some of the guys had very little success. Most had none.

I was single at the time, but wondered "What the fuck does it take to create a successful personal ad?" I didn't know, but shit, I wrote constantly, so why not write a personal ad for myself?

Since my only semi-valuable skill in life is writing what a mighty few people might refer to as something resembling comedy, I wrote a really long, funny personal ad. But I didn't include a picture.

Surprisingly, I got a lot of responses, even though I didn't include a picture. (Maybe I'll have the balls to post it in the future.)

Not surprisingly, none of them remotely fit the profile of someone I would date. But one brilliant woman did respond, and she fucking knocked my socks off by throwing my personal ad back in my face. She was fiercely intelligent.

We corresponded for a while, and she began sending me some of the other ads she was coming across on the internet. I couldn't believe what she showed me. I literally found it impossible to believe the ads guys posted to try and get a date. And she kept sending them, and I kept logging them and re-sending to my friends with comedy attached.

And our correspondence became the backbone of what is now WWHM.

Originally, I only maintained this blog for 10 or so of my close friends, but since then it seems to have gotten around and spread a bit virally, and I hope it continues to get bigger.

And L, if you're out there, thank you!!!


furnacelady said...

That answers a lot of questions. I found your WWHM site linked to another blog I frequently visit. At first glance I thought, some fucking bitch has some hard on she’s not gotten over. That was short lived, as giggles gave way to spasms of laughter, I always was a sucker for satire.

Curiosity gave way, and I found this site explaining how WWHM was developed. I have to tell you that if read in the spirit of its context, this is one of the funniest (if not most educational to the idiots who post these personal ads) blogs I have come across.

Your writing style, searing comments, and dead pan observations will have me checking you out on a daily bases. I haven’t shown the boyfriend yet, can’t wait for his reaction (insert evil laugh)!

I doubt you’ll be running out of material in the near future, so I’m going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Oh, he'll no more run out of material than I will. Hell, I could send him 100 ads that are perfect for the blog without even taking much time to look. It is JUST AMAZING and STUNNING what men think will somehow attract a woman. Really, guys, nobody wants to see your penis before they've even met you or seen your face. Except gay guys. Then you wonder why those are the responses you get!

Weasel said...

Here's something that will surprise you... it takes me about ten hours to do three posts, I kid you not.

It is VERY hard for me sometimes to come up with backstory or commentary. Then I have to make it perfect. Then I NEVER READ IT AGAIN, because I'll hate it and delete it.

Stupid, but so true.

Equus said...

LMAO well I'm glad you don't delete them, they make for brilliant comedy. Keep 'em coming.

Dino said...

"Really, guys, nobody wants to see your penis before they've even met you or seen your face. Except gay guys."

Not even we want to see a grimacing face, horrible surroundings, and a close up of the veins on someone's penis as a way of getting to know him.

Ciel said...

I've been marveling at the jaw-dropping audacity of the ads you've posted in WWHM for awhile now. Makes me wish I'd screencapped a few that I've run across in the past. But excellent job on the blog anyhow-- I enjoy your ruthless commentary immensely.

I also have a question: Do you know of any blogs that do the same for the other gender (or otherwise mirrors PLFM?)? Lord knows we women aren't immune to the crazy.


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